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July 8, 2008
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7 minutes in heaven Naruto style!!! ^,^


short intro.
Sakura called you and asked if you wanted to come to her party. They were about to play 7 minutes in heaven. Of course you said yes, and rushed over there. You decided to go first and pulled out a slip with a number on it. Who'd you get?










You got one! "Number one?" You call out, and Shikamaru stands up lazily. You lightly blush. You've always thought he was cute, and loved how smart he was. You sighed contently as he held your hand and guided you to the closet. As soon as you both were in, Sakura closed the door and yelled out "Your seven minutes start now!!" You look around and see nothing but what seemed to be pink clothing; you can barely see.
"Shikamaru?" you whisper, and suddenly feel a warm breath on the back of your neck. You turn around and look at shikamaru, blushing furiously.
"_______, are you okay? You seem don't have to-" he started, but was cut off by something soft being pressed against his lips. And that something was you deciding to be the dare devil and kiss him in mid-sentence. You rap your arms around his neck while his hands wander down to your waist. You tilt your head to deepen the kiss when you feel something brush against your lower lip, and realize it was Shikamaru's tounge. He wanted access, but you denied, wanting to see what he would do. One of his hands drifts up your stomach and starts rubbing your breast, making you moan softly enough for him to hear. He takes the chance and slips his tounge into your mouth, and you do the same. You both explore each other's mouths until your tongues meet and start playing a game of tag. The next thing you know, you're on the ground, grabbing each other's shirt, trying to take them off. That is, until Shikamaru spoke up.
"What a drag...." he sighed, getting up from the floor.
"What......I-I thought..." You whispered when he tilted your chin so he could look into your eyes.
"Not about that...our seven minutes are almost up.....but if you want, meet me at the forest after the party so we can finish this" he said seductively, winking right when Sakura opened the door yelling out "Time's up!!" You both walk out the closet hand in hand, receiving a menacing glare from Temari as she walked up to the hat.

After the party, you go to the forest to see shikamaru staring at the stars. You two pick up where you left off and end up staying underneath the bright night sky, watching the stars.
"_______..........will you be my girlfriend?" he asks, and you answer with a tiny squeal of delight and a soft, passionate kiss on the lips.You guys have been going out for about 5 months now, and are inseparable!


You look at the slip of paper and call out number two. To your delight, Sasuke stands up and walks into the closet. The only downside is that Sakura looks like she's about ready to punch you, but everyone holds her back long enough for you to run into the closet and lock it on the inside, without Sasuke noticing, of course. You can barely make out his figure sitting on the farther side of the closet, looking at you with the familiar red eyes everyone knows about. He motions for you to come sit down, and you do, but right when you're about to sit, he grabs your waist and pulls you down so you're sitting on his lap. You're noses are touching, and your thankful that there weren't any lights so he could see your fully red face.
"You know I've always cared about you, but I can't let anyone know. This is our chance, so make the best of it. I know I will" The Uchiha said in a very sexy voice right before he pulled you closely into a rough but passionate kiss. You moaned and felt something press against your knee. 'What the.....' you think, and look down to see a small bulge in Sasuke's pants. You're eyes widen as you realize that he must really like you, so you take his advice and make the best of it, because it might not last. You put your hands on his chest and rub them up and down slowly, making him moan this time. One of his hands pressed against the small of your back, while the other started rubbing your behind. You gasped, and he slipped his tounge inside, making you moan even louder than before. But maybe a little too loud, because at that very moment, the door was knocked down by a rampaging Sakura, but she fell flat on the floor when she saw Sasuke glaring at her with a look that said 'do you mind?!'. You both walked out of the closet, hands enter twined, and have been together ever since. (that's 7 months)

You look and see that the number is 3.....with a....paw print? "Who's is this?" You ask, and Kiba stands up shyly, Akamaru by his side, wagging his tail. He hands the pup to Sakura and walks into the closet. You blush while looking at Hinata, seeming a little sad that you got him and she didn't. You felt really bad and went into the closet frowning. "Kiba?" You ask, seeing the red marks on his cheeks slowly disappear behind the forming blush.
"We don't have to do this......" He whispered, his voice shaking.
"I know that we don't...and I's just that...I can't. Mostly because I would feel bad....for Hinata" You said, sitting down next to him, twiddling your hair in between your fingers.
"Hinata? Why would you feel bad for her? She likes Naruto...." He said sadly, looking away from me to try to conceal his reddening blush.
"Is that what you really think?"  You ask, lightly touching his arm, making him look at you. " If you do, you're almost as clueless as Naruto." you chuckled.
" mean, she likes me? Then how do you explain why she always faints when he's around?!" he yelled, loud enough for Sakura and everyone else to hear outside.

Sakura: what did he just say?!
Sasuke: I don't know, but I think they're talking about you, Naruto.
Naruto: Me? But they're talking about two people! So who else?
Shikamaru: well, they're talking about someone who faints around Naruto, so just use your heads for once.....I'm not telling*looks at Hinata with sympathy*
Hinata: *looks down, glances at Shikamaru, and smiles while blushing a lot*

"Well, have you ever noticed that you're always around when she faints?! YOU'RE the reason! She doesn't want to act like a fool around you because she likes YOU, not Naruto! God, you're really blind sometimes, you know that!?" You yell at him, now standing up, putting your hands on your hips.
"Wow...I can't believe I didn't realize this......Thanks, _____, you're a really good friend" Kiba said, smiling an standing up.
"You're welcome, now get out there!" You said, filling with excitement for Hinata.
"Um....I can't"
"Sure you can! Come on, I'll be right next to you!"
"That's not why I can't......"
".......why not then?"
"The door is still locked from the outside, and we have three minutes left, so....." He said, looking at me like you were the clueless one, and you blushed, not believing that you forgot. Right then, Hinata unlocked the door and walked in, blushing so hard that she looked sun burned.
"H-Hinata!" Kiba said, turning as red as Hinata.
"E-everyone heard you outside......i-is it t-true, Kiba-kun?" She said, twiddling her fingers.
"I'll just let you two be alone...." You say, and walk out of the closet, locking it behind you.
"'d it go?" Naruto asked, looking at you with dumbfounded eyes.
"I don't know...they're working it out right-" You were cut off by a loud moan from Hinata. "That answer your question?"
"Y-yeah....." Naruto said, blushing a little bit.
"Okay, _____, since that didn't work out, you can pick again!"
You pick number 8. Scroll down and see who you got!

You call out 4, and someone you don't recognize stands up and walks over to the closet. "Who is he?" You ask Sakura, and she just shrugs and says "Figure it out". You walk into the closet after going through all of the people that you knew through your head and you STILL hadn't figured out who this stranger was. Once you were inside, he was sitting down on the opposite wall, looking at you with familiar eyes.
"So....are you ready?" He asks you, and starts to stand up.
"Um.....well, not really. But if you don't I know you?" You ask, embarrassed to be asking him such a stupid question.
"I have a better question; can I borrow your makeup?" He asks, raising his eyebrows at you.
"Uhhhh......sure?" you say, and hand him your purple eyeshadow. He turns around and starts smearing it on his face, and you can't help but have a puzzled look on your face. That is, until he turns around and you realize it was Kankurou! "Oh my gosh, Kankurou?! That was you?! I've never seen you without makeup on before!" You practically scream, and he just smirks as he grabs a shirt to wipe off the makeup.
"Well, I didn't expect you to one except Gaara, Temari, and Lee have seen me without makeup on before"
"Oh.....well....I think you're pretty cute with it on....but really hot with it off..." You say, blushing again and leaning towards him. He tries to back away a little bit(he was still trying to take off the makeup) but remembers he's against a wall.
"Can you please....wait until I'm done...?" He whispers, looking at you with pleading eyes.
"No" you pounce on him and you both fall on the floor with a loud thump, and hear Naruto yell outside "WHOA, THEY'RE GETTING BUSY!!!!" while everyone erupted with laughter. You giggled and put your hands to his chest and lay there for a little, listening to his breathing becoming more calm, softer with every second. Kankurou tossed the shirt aside when he finished wiping off the rest of the eye shadow, and turns to you. The puppeteer puts his hands on your back and lifted you up a little, so you two were at face level. He leans in and kisses you softly and tenderly, making sure not to move on until your comfortable. You removed your hands from his chest and put them on his cheeks, rubbing them with your thumbs. He moans softly, and right when he was about to move one (wink wink), Sakura busts open the door and yells out "LET SOMEONE ELSE GO NOW!!!! TAKE THIS UPSTAIRS, LOVEBIRDS!" You two just glare at her and walk up the stairs and continue for the rest of the night.

You look at the slip of paper in your hand and before you can even read the number, Shino stands up and walks into the closet, signaling his fly to follow him. You walk inside after him and sit down next to the door. You didn't like Shino that much, but it's not like you thought he was weird or anything. You just weren't good friends with him and all.
"Look, I know you think I'm creepy and stuff, so if you don't want to, we don't have to do anything...." He said, averting his gaze from you to the clothes on the racks.
"Shino, who ever told you that I thought you were creepy was wrong. I don't think anything like that of you. We just don't talk much, so...." You start, but stop when you realize he took his shades off, revealing the most gorgeous eyes that you have ever seen.  " took off your never take off your glasses...." You say in awe as he stared into your eyes as you did the same. He walks over to you and places a hand on your cheek.
" really mean all that?" He asks, his face beginning to turn pink.
"Y-yeah......why would I lie to you?" You say in almost a whisper, and right as he leans down to kiss you, Sakura opens the door and sees you two, then apologizes and tells you to hurry up. You and Shino decide to go somewhere else....somewhere more 'romantic'. Where that is, I'll let you decide ^^ And yes, you two kiss, and eventually make out, and eventually...yeah, you get the drift. ;P After that Shino turns to you and says "________, will you be my girlfriend?" You gladly accept and have been with him for three months now.


You pull out a small slip with the number 6. "Wonder who it could be..." you say to yourself as you call out the number.
this is.....SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!!!! its really crappy, grammatical and descriptive-wise, but.....that's cuz that last one was REAAAAAAAALLY good....but as i was typing deleted >.< damn computer!!!! but, yeah, so i hoe you like it! but I'm gonna be editing it a lot, so yeah! thanks!!! ^^
also, I'm not done with it yet, so numbers 3-8, please be patient!!!! ^^

number three is up! ^^

number 4 is up and beginning of 5 ^^

number 5 and the beginning of 6 is up! Sorry for the delay, these things aren't as easy to write as they look!!!! >.< *sigh* plus I've been busy, but they will be finished soon! 3 MORE NUMBERS TO GO!!!! :D


OKAY! EVERYONE WHO READS THIS, THIS SI NOT THE REAL ONE. My computer was jacking up on me, soooo....I had to do it again. BUT NO WORRIES! It's exactly like this one, just....well, finished. So go to this link [link]
and PLAY!!!! :D
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